For Professionals

The Denison Neuropsychology Lab offers free psycho-educational tests to professionals who help people with disabilities in educational and medical settings.

Academic Impairment Measure (AIM)

The AIM is a brief, self-report measure of academic problems in college students. It allows professionals to assess students' functioning in seven academic domains: reading, math, foreign language learning, social-academic functioning, note-taking, test-taking, and time management. It yields standardized T scores that can help professionals identify students with substantial limitations in these academic activities, plan accommodations, and monitor the effectiveness of services over time.

Professionals can obtain a copy of the AIM calculator here.

You can learn more about the psychometric properties of the AIM here.

College Assessment of Reading Effort (CARE)

The CARE is a brief measure of performance validity for college students and other adults participating in psycho-educational or neuropsychological assessment for specific reading disabilities or dyslexia. The test can be used to detect noncredible responding.

  • The CARE is available to licensed psychologists for free. Please email the Denison Neuropsychology Lab to submit proof of licensure and request access. You can learn more about the CARE at the reference below.

  • Weis, R., & Droder, S. J. (2019). Development and Initial Validation of a Reading-Specific Performance Validity Test: the College Assessment of Reading Effort (CARE). Psychological Injury and Law, 12, 29-41.